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30 Days of Hotel Gym Workouts

30 Days of Hotel Gym Workouts

Enjoy Delle's 30 days of Hotel Gym Workouts!


We've all been there....


We travel for work, the holidays, vacation, etc and we check in to our hotel, walk into the gym and there is NO EQUIPMENT!! Sitting there and trying to figure out the best way to get a pump or get in a sweat session is never fun and usually you just end up frustrated. 


These 30 workouts are my go-to options when I find myself at a gym with limited equipment, or when I'm traveling for the holidays and the family doesn't have a complete gym set up for me (how rude).


Throughout my travels I've found that there are good hotel gyms out there, but there are also BAD ones! However, most will at least have some dumbbells, a place to do pull-ups, a bench, and a treadmill; which is why these are my 30 go to workouts - they never fail! 


Stop stressing the sweat when you travel! 

Happy travels and gym sessions everyone! 



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